Call Priority Levels

The Help Desk will make every effort to resolve issues at the time of the call.

Technical staff will enter and determine priorities for all requests that were not resolved at the time of the call and will use the following guidelines in prioritizing requests striving to resolve issues within the target timeframe. Actual resolutions may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time and the severity of the issue.

Below, see details of the priorities with their definitions and some examples:




Response Time

Completion Time



Widespread service is unavailable, affects more than five individuals

● Network connectivity is not available

● Email services not functional

Will call or page system admin for immediate response.

Within 3 regular business hours



Business requirements cannot be

met under current operation, affects one to five individuals

● Staff member’s computer is down, preventing them  from working

● Password issue (user cannot login)

● Multiple user printer is down

● Remove terminated employee

Within 4 business work day hours

Within 1 business work day



Non-critical service impacted: Daily work impaired but user is still able to function, affects fewer than five individuals

● Software application will not work

● Can’t check email from one computer, but can use Webmail from another computer

Within 1 working day

Within 3 working days



No effect on productivity, unsupported software, or personal computer hardware. A service request that does not require immediate attention or which involves long range planning.

● New PC / printer / software application / Phone / Door Access / user & email accounts to be created

● Office moves (assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting computer equipment)

Within 3 working days

Within 5 working days